Do you install the seats or do you coach me?


We offer both options. It is up to individual choice. We also offer our services as an educator on how to install.





Why should I have my seat installed by a professional?


Car seats have evolved drastically over the last several years. They are more complex and specialized. Each manufacturer has their own rules and not one model of seat installs exactly the same. Because of this, the probability of installation and usage mistakes are high. Having a professional (who lives and breathes car seats like My Car Seat Tech) install and educate you on your specific seat is invaluable.




What is the Greater London Area?


We Service London and area including: Strathroy, St Thomas, Tillsonburg, Woodstock. Not from these areas but want our services? Please contact us.




How do I Pay for your services?


We accept Paypal (as a gift certificate that you can use for yourself or give as a gift), cash and eTransfers