About Us

Our Company

My Car Seat Tech was born out of a concern for child passenger safety.  Our goal is to ensure  all children are as safe as possible while traveling; be it a quick drive down the street or a long haul across the country. We want to teach car seat safety and will work with whatever your comfort level is to provide the best result. We can help you rest easy in the knowledge that you have the most up to date safety information to secure your most precious cargo.

Knowing better is doing better!

Our Founder

KristyKristy became interested in car seat safety when, in 2012, she gave birth to her first child. She found the prospect of buying and using a car seat to be daunting. For something that seemed so simple, she found out that car seats and their use, really wasn't so simple. There is a surprising lack of readily available information. Sensing a public need, she decided to take steps to ensure that gap for parents could be filled. Dedicating herself, she completed certifications in car seat safety. Kristy has devoted her time to learning and sharing the most current information on car safety for children of all ages.